Thursday, August 30, 2012

fair baby

We are so darn close on the ebook front. We are having a difficult time converting the file to Kindle and epub formats. I am trying to decide if I should release it in PDF format only for now or wait for all formats to be available. Any thoughts or opinions on the matter appreciated. I am going out of my head here. And I'm only doing half the work.

We went to the state fair with my mom today. We are lucky we live close enough to walk. We had so much fun. Bennett had a great time. He even learned how to 'baa' like a goat in the animal barns. He spent the afternoon toddling around the living room demonstrating his new skill. Thanks to my mom for participating in this video. Pardon our chatter.

Have I mentioned how much I love him?

Sorry I've been bombarding you with pictures lately. We've been having way too much fun.

love the old fair buildings

he looks five here

baby pigs!

he was really uncertain about this

new favorite. so messy, but he loves them. I love that curl.

I'm glad it wasn't very crowded when we went. Bennett walked all over this exhibit hall. I can't believe he's only been walking a week.

shy baby. this is what he does when he meets someone new. also a way to get someone's attention.

free watermelon slice!

watching a dog show

napping on the go. a rare sight.


  1. I just adore seeing your smiles and reading about your happiness. I mean could you have ever imagined this, back in the first months after you lost Charlotte? You've come such a long way, and I'm so glad I've been along for the ride.
    I really do think your Bennett and my Juliet would be the best of friends, stealing each other's watermelon and what not.

  2. Such a sweet little man you have. The piggy picture made me think of "Charlotte's Web".


thank you!


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