Thursday, August 16, 2012

oh fall, where are you?

It's that time of year when the temperatures are at an all time high and I am grumpy to the nth degree. Our hot is much different - and cooler - than a lot of areas, but it's still more than I can handle.

It's 79° in the house right now and it's only 7:30 am. Many houses around here don't have central air. Some newer built ones do, but our house was constructed in 1939. We do have a window unit in the living room, but it only serves to make that one room tolerable. It's supposed to be round about 100° for the next two days and then cool down a bit to mid 80s.

We were walking somewhere as a family earlier this summer - farmer's market? home from J's work? - and I was complaining about the heat. J said, "It's only 83°! You really don't tolerate heat well. And I think it's getting worse."  Sometimes when we walk to meet him on his way home from work we collapse on the grass by the creek a mile in and don't move another muscle until we see him walking towards us. Well, I don't move, while Isabel and Bennett do their best to get in trouble.

We're escaping to my sister's to swim and hang out today. I can't handle another hot day with just Bennett and me in the house. Yesterday we went to the library so Bennett could play around while I enjoyed the air conditioning.

Oh my word. Are you bored yet? Are you still reading? Did I just write an entire post on the weather? I'm sorry, I need fall - my favorite season - to grace us with its presence. I need leaves turning color, crisp mornings and children in school so the library won't be as crowded.

I have to gather our things and get us out the door. I was just wondering why it takes me two hours to get us up and out of the house. Maybe stopping to blog about stupid things like the weather has something to do with it?


  1. Girl, I live in Carolina and am definitely sick and tired of this heat and humidity as well! I am ready for FALL!!! Ahh, my favorite season as well. Pumpking spiced-lattes, mornings spent on the front porch in delightful conversation, with a glorious breeze sweeping through, gorgeous leaves. I am excited!! :) Hope things cool down there for ya soon!

  2. I need fall too. Bring on the cool and the clouds and a reason to wear a sweater.
    This lady is NOT a summer fan. I like it about 65 maybe 70 no higher.
    YES we need fall.

  3. I'll take your summer right now thanks very much! And best I remind you never to visit me during our summer!


thank you!


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