Friday, August 10, 2012

tell me ...

I need distraction.  And encouragement.  Life is all kinds of strange right now.

Tell me something good about your week.  Or funny.  Or strange.

One good thing about this week: B is sleeping really well on the floor, which means I'm getting a titch more sleep than I was before and he is out of our bed 90% of the time!!

I gave B my phone so I could type this out really fast.  Best mom ever in B's eyes, but my phone is suffering.


  1. hmmm funny thing about my week...well within 4 days Logan almost pooped in the tub twice spit up on my face LOL how's that for fun mental picture ;)

  2. Kids and phones. Wait til he's a bit older and you'll likely never see it again. I basically just had to wrestle Angus to get mine back! And I'm stricter about it than most mums i know.
    I'm having a shitty week. Started out high, now I'm feeing the weight of the week ahead. Two birthday girls, only one daughter here to blow out her candles. Bit of a wreck, really.

  3. Well, my brake pad just fell off of my car. I had planned on getting them fixed on Monday. I was invited to go camping and my friends took 2/4 of my kids already. They just so happen to have a old tiny truck that's a stick shift that I can borrow. I will carefully drive my car to their house to find their keys and gas money. Then the remainder of my kids and my dog will climb into it and drive for 2 hours to a place I've never been out by Siletz. None of this is really funny unless you're me, probably.

    You see, I felt like God was asking more of me in a certain area. It took me about 4 months to obey. Then I did it. Right after that my car broke down (alternator) and I got pneumonia. I didn't have money to fix either. Yet, He provided for both. Then my brakes go out. Lots of things that look bad has happened since I took that leap of faith. Somehow I find this funny. Maybe it's because no matter what happens I know I'm still in His hands.

    Or it's my PTSD and I'm slightly crazy, but I'm totally cool with that!

  4. Something funny about this week... well, I don't have a kitchen. Getting a new one -finally- next Wednesday so we're kind of camping in our own home. In the mean time, every evening I clean up after the guys, only to clean up after the guys the very next day... but things will get better soon. I hope ;-)

  5. I have slept about half the night the last 3 nights on a camping mattress on C.S.'s floor. Not sure if I've gotten any more sleep but I haven't had to fight to stay awake while sitting in the rocker to nurse her.

    And on the good parenting front, I have managed to not let D play with my phone, but I did let her have 3 s'mores for dessert tonight. That means she ate 6 chocolate chip cookies, after having a hot dog for supper. Yay for healthy eating!

  6. thank you everyone for commenting. you lifted my spirits, made me a little sad, made me forget about my own problems for a minute.


thank you!


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