Saturday, August 11, 2012

the walmart phenomenon

Ali is home!

I went to my sister's house to help out a bit today.  That girl is crazy strong.  A week and a half after her third section she's up and about like it's no big deal.  I crash out for weeks after giving birth.

Sweet Ali is teeny tiny, round about 4 lbs now, so one of our duties for the day was buying clothes that would fit her. (I held her for maybe five minutes before saying, "Okay, I don't think she's breathing, someone else take her." Thank you PTSD brain).  My sister lives in the sticks and when you live in the sticks stores are hard to come by.  We had to drive a ways to the nearest Walmart.  We took B and Abby and left Ali with my mom.  The boys were out for the day doing boy things.

If you don't know me well you may not know that I do not shop at Walmart.  I don't care if you shop at Walmart, but I'm not going to.  It used to be a principals thing.  Now it's just a 'it makes me feel twitchy' thing.  And there's always a McDonalds inside Walmart and it's always next to the produce section and it's just weird to buy produce while smelling french fries.  And Walmart makes me behave poorly.  I was in there for twenty minutes today and I was five seconds away from "People of Walmart" infamy.

I had B in my sister's umbrella stroller and he was not happy about the situation.  He is SO willful and he can frustrate me SO quickly sometimes.  We were both hungry too, which only complicated matters.  After fighting with him on staying in the stroller, as opposed to trying to flip out of the stroller headfirst because he wanted to peer underneath and see how it worked (I'm guessing here, I don't know how his brain works) I decided to carry him.  Well, he pitched a fit about that because he wanted to use the stroller as a walker.

After contemplating giving him my phone to make him be quiet (oh dear, I swore up and down I would never do that) I put him down on the floor barefoot and let him push that stroller all over the place while my sister tried to find preemie clothes (not easy).

(At one point when I was moaning and groaning my sister said, "Oh, you'll blog about this and make it seem so funny.  I always read your blog and think, 'hey, wish I was there,' and then I realize I was.")

After finding a few preemie clothes, including odd Halloween selections, we gave our quest up for lost and decided to hit a second store.  As I prepared to leave I realized I didn't know where my sister was.  I thought she was nearby, but I couldn't find her so I just started hollering for her.  Hollering.  In public.  Like a crazy person.  Guys, I don't holler.  But at that moment, in the middle of Walmart, it seemed like the appropriate thing to do.  So there I was, walking behind my barefoot baby, who was pushing the stroller, and hollering when some guy said, "You looking for that blonde?  She's over there."  Thank you complete stranger for making me shut up.

I found my sister, we went to a second store, we made it back to her house.  After helping her clean up, B and I headed home.  He binged on watermelon while I propped my feet on a chair and wished J home early from work.

His nose looks strange because it is covered in applesauce

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  1. I have a thing about Walmart too. I can't stand going in there although I realize they do have some great deals on a lot of stuff I probably don't need.

    A friend of my mom's once said the best line I ever heard about some of those big box stores (I think she was talking about K-mart or the Dollar Store, but I feel it applies to Walmart too). She said "It smells like despair". I couldn't agree more.


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