Friday, August 31, 2012

Unexpected Goodbye: When Your Baby Dies

Here it is!! This book has been on my project list for so long it feels strange to send it out into the world.

Buy it HERE for $2.99.

Or go check out the website I built and buy it THERE.

You can also download a free chapter HERE or HERE.

Thank you to Ann Dorn, publisher and owner of Seattle Natural Awakenings, for her hard work as editor and project manager.

Thank you to my parents, J and Jessi for being my initial readers.

And a thousand thank yous to my dear Charlotte for blessing me with her short life and inspiring me to write through the grief and brokenness.

You are loved and missed, little bird.

*The book will be available for Kindle and other e-readers soon.


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Yes! The conversion programs are giving us fits but our goal is to have to ready for all ebook readers.

  3. Oops. Did that under my hubby's email instead of mine. That is supposed to be under otdina. Sorry.

  4. Ok, here it is under the right name, sorry for hte confusion.... CONGRATULATIONS!!!! What an awesome accomplishment! What a wonderful way to honor Charlotte, and help other moms in the same sad situation. Thank you so much for reaching out, reaching deep and sharing with us the gift of your talent, the gift of Charlotte, and the gift of your strength. I can't wait until it comes out for the Nook!! It is coming out for the Nook, right?

  5. So proud of you. Thrilled to purchase this. Thank you Charlotte.

  6. God willing, I will never need this. But, I couldn't help but to purchase a copy in support of such an amazing woman. Congratulations on your accomplishment!


thank you!


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