Wednesday, September 26, 2012

and so it goes

We spent time with some of B's cousins yesterday then went to H&M. It's a good thing I only manage to get to that store twice a year or so. I can't control myself in there.

My nephew is really excited for his Make a Wish cruise (all cancer kids get a wish, not just terminal cases) which begins Saturday. My brave sister is leaving Ali for a week so Ryan can do this. She is one amazing mama.

When I said goodbye to my nephew yesterday he climbed my legs and hugged me. He's six years old now. I can't pick him up anymore. Sometimes I look at this vibrant crazy kid running around and I can't believe how sick he was.

I am so thankful he made it through a terrible couple years and is on the other side - healthy and like any other kid.

Sometimes I think the Lord gave us this little burst of sunshine with his big heart and survivor's spirit because he knew losing one little would be all our hearts could take. At least that's what I hope when I watch B and his cousins playing together. Surely we can't lose another. Surely one is enough.

Feeling a little sad today. That bone deep missing hurts so much sometimes.

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