Tuesday, September 18, 2012

fairy tales for hope

Thank you for holding my hand, patting my back and reassuring me when I'm all, "my baby is small, it's not my fault, I feed him, promise, wahhhh ..."

I really appreciate it.

Last night I broke out in hives.

Picture this:

mama itching, naked baby boy running around covered in coconut oil itching his bum and sides something awful, daddy suggesting alternative treatments, everyone fretting and grumpy.

I am off the antibiotics. We are less itchy, thank goodness. I have raw potato on the sore spot right now (odd) and many instructions from my naturopath on what to do and how to proceed. And my floors are covered in the sweetest coconut oil bottom prints that you can only see if the light hits them just right.

So that's us. Now let me tell you about something completely different but so, so important.

I have a friend in this loss world, a dear one I would love to meet. Sally has been a light to me and so many others on this loss journey. Unfortunately (for me) she lives in Australia.

Sally's first child, Hope, was stillborn four years ago. For Hope's fourth birthday Sally's friend, a graphic designer, Tonia, created a fairy tale print for every day of the month of August. It was an amazing endeavor and the prints are now being sold with all proceeds going to Stillbirth Foundation Australia.

It is amazing what Tonia accomplished in such a short time. I bought two prints.

One for my girl (Thumbelina, sold out)
and one for my boy (The Ugly Duckling)
Sally has supported so many (if not everyone) in the loss community. She is known and loved by many. It is amazing and beautiful what she is doing in Hope's memory.

Please check out the Fairy Tales for Hope website and blog. You'll love looking at all of the limited edition prints. And you may find yourself buying a few.

Fairy Tales for Hope blog 

Order Fairy Tales for Hope prints

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  1. Oh Angela, thank you so much. I can still remember when I first found your blog. Yours was one of the ones I devoured in one sitting, post after post after post. Though we lost our girls in different ways, I have always felt a strong connection with your words, despite the fact a whole ocean separates us. It has been my pleasure to walk with you (a few years up the road).
    Thanks for supporting our project.


thank you!


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