Thursday, September 6, 2012

learning curve

Sorry to be so posty today. Last one for a while, promise!


  1. Bless your heart. Charlotte is so very proud of you, I am sure of that.

    I am anxious to read but can wait until the kindle issues are worked out.

    ps-Bennett is so funny! What a handsome little can he be walking?


  2. hugs to you Angela!!! I know it's gotta be a long process. Proud of you for giving this your all.

  3. Look at B tottering around with the book, bless him. And you are too beautiful. So far no issues with my copy.
    I too have been frustrated and humbled this week. The Fairy Tales for Hope project is unlike anything I have ever attempted, and at times it has seemed way beyond me. But this is for Hope and I'm determined. It is a learning process, but I have to do this for her. I too hope she's proud. I think both our girls would be.


thank you!


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