Thursday, September 27, 2012

on my heart

I have much to say, but can't find the words. I have so much on my heart and mind right now. I need someone to sort and prioritize my life.

It's going to be a bit quiet around here for a few days. I'm a little sad. I'm very busy. And I don't have anything to say (can you believe it?).

I will tell you I'm inhaling Joe-Joe's as I write this because I've been working out four days a week and it makes me want to eat every sweet and carby thing that crosses my path. That probably defeats the purpose of working out, but when I use the elliptical and cross training machines they tell me how many calories I'm burning which gives me an idea of how much I can eat ...

I don't even know how I am right now.

This guy, as always, is busy and independent.

I can't believe he couldn't even hold his head up a year ago.

And this girl is missed.

I pulled her bins from the attic because I was looking for something. It is always strange to me that a child of mine has been reduced to two plastic tubs in the attic, a few pictures scattered around the house and a small urn in the living room.

I am going to watch a show with J. Eat a few more cookies. I'll leave you with a picture I found on my computer from B's early days. Just because I love it. I'm sure I've shared it before. Co-sleeping at its finest.


  1. That is a beautiful picture! It must be so hard to see Charlotte's things all packed away. But she is everywhere - she is the reason your blog exists and we all read it and draw inspiration, she is the reason there is a book now that will help many other bereaved parents. There are people who have lived for 90 years who will have made an impression on fewer lives than Charlotte has.


thank you!


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