Friday, September 14, 2012


So yesterday ... 

B fell on the front stoop and banged his face up.

J fell in the backyard while working on the shed. He glued his face back together. Apparently this is a common practice in the medical field. It is even done at the end of some operations, including open heart surgery.

Okay, maybe he shouldn't have been standing on a poorly stacked wood pile while roofing the shed.

And I have a mysterious bruise above my eye.

None of these pictures show how banged up we truly are. It looks much worse in real life. B's face wounds darkened by the minute for a good couple hours after he fell. He looks like he got in a bar brawl.

We're going to look real good in B's first birthday party pictures on Saturday.

At least the shed is looking fabulous.

The custom door J built is way too fancy for a shed. This summer project has been hard, as they all are, but it makes our backyard look so nice.

Next year is looking like a swing set year. We got in a bit of a fight last week and I yelled at J, "Why can't you just buy a shed like a normal person?" In about a year the exact same statement will be coming out of my mouth; just substitute swing set for shed.


  1. Aww, poor Rodman family. Hope the bruises fade fast. The gluing is common here too. The night clinic doctor glued D's chin up once. Much easier than doing stitches on a 3 year old.

  2. Wow! It's only fitting to have exterior bruises to match our interior ones sometimes... ya know?

    That shed looks AWESOME. I love the blue and that door does really look quite fancy.

    I think it's sweet that there's such a labor of love in it for J. :)


thank you!


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