Monday, September 17, 2012

well checks and "healthy" babies

We're a bit of a mess over here. I am feeling a bit better, but have very little energy. Bennett is reacting to the antibiotics I am on. Sweet boy is just covered in little red bumps and itchy out the wazoo. Unfortunately I am allergic to all 'cillins - i.e. most antibiotics.

His doctor said I could try switching to a different antibiotic, but there's only one other option for me to take and it has a lot of the same ingredients as the one I am on. So. We are to fight through.

I feel like I should keep a running catalog of Bennett's injuries.


Fat lip (pretty much a permanent thing)
Scrape on his forehead
Scrape on his chin
Innumerable bruises

Dear boy.

And at his one year check up this morning I was told that he lost five ounces since his nine month well check. We made it all the way up to the fifth percentile and now we are back in the first. Five ounces isn't much, but he's already so small it is a bit of a concern. His doctor said she thinks he is suffering from "too healthy of a diet."

Well, shoot. Kid is allergic to most everything. He eats constantly, and still nurses a lot, but he is also the busiest blur of baby I've ever seen.

Only he's one now, so I guess he's a busy toddler blur? Please don't tell me I have to stop calling him baby. I just don't think I can.

I went in to the appointment all concerned about his language skills (which are completely fine) because everyone asks if he is saying words and came out fretting about his weight. Parenting is so hard. Being a mama is so hard. The doctor says, "he lost five ounces." I hear "You are failing at the most important job you will ever have. Feed him anything and everything you can get your hands on."

Bennett is sleeping soundly in the car, which is an entirely different problem. Getting him to settle in his crib for a nap is nearly impossible, but he naps in his stroller and the car. Once the weather turns I guess we will be doing a lot of car naps with lots of blankets and books to keep me warm and entertained while he snoozes.

I need to rest. This mastitis is serious business. I am on the mend, but still exhausted. Did you see Bennett's first birthday party pictures? I think we did a pretty great job with his party. 


  1. I still call my 2 and a half year old a baby!! Even though she has informed me that she is not a baby hahaha. Please don't let the wellness check discourage you! You're doing an awesome job and soon enough he will be all caught up and still be a baby blur. I'm sorry about the mastitis :( its so painful and being allergic to some of the antibiotics doesn't help.

  2. Despite all the bumps and scrapes, he still looks marvellous! My wee one lost and gained weight in fits and starts around the age of one - largely, I suspect, because that's when he seemed to catch anything that was going. A friend's toddler hasn't gained any weight in several months - admittedly, he was a pretty podgy baby and he's still not skinny, but he's slipped down the percentiles rapidly. Like Bennett, my wee one has always been at the lower end of the percentiles but he has a statistician for a grandfather and "Bumpa" has told us it's all nonsense anyway and as long as he's got energy he's fine. As for the talking - we got nothing intelligible till he was about 15 months. His vocabulary has multiplied incredibly between 18 and 20 months. They'll get there in their own sweet time - and Bennett is clearly a bright wee spark - you only need to read your words and see the photos to know it.

  3. Hope you keep recovering!!! Never had mastitis but it sounds absolutely horrible.

    Bennett looks really healthy to me. I know they aren't supposed to lose weight, but it sounds like he is active and engaged with his world, and he certainly does not look like he is starving. :) Those percentile charts are kind of funny, especially for breastfed babies (and doubly so for breastfed babies of not-tall people - I can attest!!) My little girl never got past the 5th percentile. I actually did try feeding her a cupcake a day for a while to see if she would gain weight. She just got hyper and crabby from the sugar and actually ate less real food. Major mama fail - I quit that after a month and she didn't gain an ounce during that whole time. I'm not quite sure how a diet can be too healthy, but as tempting as it might seem to give them high carb/high sugar stuff, I am not sure it works to increase weight gain whatsoever. And fat just turns straight into toddler energy, so that doesn't help either. (At least it's the steady, good kind of energy and not the sugar high followed by a crash.) Just keep being the awesome, amazing mama that you are and keep an eye on things with the help of the doc. You are awesome and your little guy looks adorable and healthy to me!

    Love the pics! The blurry one really gives a good impression of a boy on the go. Places to see, stuff to do - busy busy.

  4. Oh goodness, poor baby. And it's TOTALLY ok to keep calling him a baby, I will probably call Carter a baby until I'm good and buried.

    You are doing a great job, mama. Hope you all are back to normal soon!

  5. I still call my 4-yo baby. :) Do you mind my asking - what are his actual weight and height values? I bet he's not really that far off. According to KellyMom, "by one year, the typical breastfed baby will weigh about 2.5 – 3 times birth weight." By that measure, 2.5xbirth would put a baby born at his weight at only around 17 lbs, or about 2nd percentile (Google "WHO growth standards".) See? Not so far off at all. He was only around 25th at birth, and birth weight is influenced by mom’s height – babies will correct to their own growth curve over the first year. He’s just a sweet little peanut! So long as he’s mainly nursing he can’t possibly be on “too healthy” of a diet. (The only thing I would wonder about is his iron level, since that can get low by age 1 when a baby is mostly breastfed.) Keep up the great work, mama!

  6. I have said before, but Juliet is at the other end of the chart, and I still worry. I guess they even each other out. That's the thing, they're not all the same - some will be small, others bigger - that's all normal. He is loved and well fed and that's the main thing.
    And super cute, so bonus!

  7. Just thought I'd share that Allie's on the skinny side too. She weighed in at 18 lbs. 10 or 12 oz. at her 15 month check, putting her in the 3rd percentile. My lovely nanny reminded me that breastfed babies have a differnt "scale" (which puts Allie in the 5th% - still not much higher). But yeah, with her issues with food, we feed her what we can, and of course she only eats what she eats. I'm sure our kids will be FINE, and I of course I'm like you and worry from time to time too!

    You're a FABULOUS mama! Keep it up! :)

  8. We're behind you, but the consensus from all these folks and my real friends who have healthy and small breastfed babies over 1 year (all!) are low on the CDC charts. My friend's daughter is 16lbs at 15 months and eats everything and is still breastfed.

    We're still small over here, but Elliot and I are a lot like you and J.

    I completely understand how you interpret those words as being a terrible mother. Parenting is so hard. You nailed it. That's for sure. I'm right there with you (behind you) and empathizing.

  9. I am so sorry that you are feeling poorly! It really stinks, especially with a busy little one who needs your attention. Little ones get bumps and lumps. It is part of their fun, and experimentation. It is a sign of their inquisitiveness, and their secure attachment to you that he is willing to go out and explore so much. He KNOWS you are there, even when he can't see you, and that is quite an accomplishment as a mommy.

    Regarding the weight. Don't worry. Read your son, not the charts. My son is just now starting to flirt with being in hte 5th percentile. He is almost two. He is like Bennett, a "busy blur" of a kid. Actually, I think the only reason he is hitting the 5th, is that now that he is older he has some attention for watching night time toons with his sis, so he settles for a few minutes. He is active, talking, smart, jumping, climbing, and (generally) happy. So, it took a while, but I finally came to the realization that as long as he was happy, and active, he was likely getting what he needed.

    I really don't know why people start fretting about babies talking at one year. It is so very young. If he has two or three words you are golden. In a few months he will just explode. My son started pretty early, and my daughter started much later (around 20 months). She is four now, and has a stellar vocabulary. They start when they are ready. Tell the naysayers, he is practicing.

    He is beautiful, and clearly happy and well loved. There couldn't be any stronger signs that you are doing a great job.


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