Monday, September 24, 2012

when you hit a wall, dance

I'm trying to write my speech for the walk to remember in October, but I'm hitting a brick wall.

I tried reading early posts, like first days, to get ideas. I couldn't do it.

I tried setting up the camera in the corner of the living room and talking free form to see what I had to say. Nothing good.

Shoot this is hard.

I know God will give me the words to say, but trying to find them is proving difficult.

So I'm taking a quick break to share this video with you.

It's either that or cry.

And I might still cry. I miss her so much.

Her brother just learned how to dance. If you can call this dancing.

Cutest thing I've seen since he last did something super cute.


  1. Sending love and strength, and cuddles for B, if you can catch him.

  2. Best part of this post: cutest thing since the last cute thing.
    I've been thinking lately that having TheNephew come and stay with me twice a week while TheNiece is in all-day kindergarten has been extremely therapeutic for me. I LOVE spending time with him; and spending time one-on-one with him on a regular basis really keeps me living in the now, rather than mourning the past. The grief is always there, but it's nice to have it balanced with so much joy and hope.

  3. Right after I dropped the babes off at daycare this morning and turned the radio on in my car, "Praise You in this Storm" came on. I immediately thought of you and Charlotte and B and J and said a little prayer for your family. Thinking of you guys today.


thank you!


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