Saturday, October 20, 2012

feeding b

is challenging.

He cannot have wheat, dairy, eggs, nuts or seeds.

And his doctor wonders why he's on the smaller side.

Genetics + limited diet = a 1% baby.

I always want to know what other people eat. Leave me alone in your house and I will look through your kitchen cabinets. I'm just fascinated by other people's food choices. It's not a judgmental thing; it's more of a can we be food friends? thing. And if you have only healthy, organic food in your cupboard I'm sorry, we can't be food friends. This girl likes sweets and snack foods and (gasp) boxed mac n cheese.

There are days I wish I could whip up a box of mac n cheese from Trader Joe's for B (no preservatives!). Even though the moment itself would be wonderful he would break out in a rash and be miserable for days afterward. 

I cook a lot. Me, the queen of being lazy and lover of eating out (you can hear this every month in our house: "are you sure we used up all of our restaurant money, J?") has to cook nearly every meal.

I am so glad we haven't hit a picky stage yet. I am in trouble when that happens. Right now B will at least try anything I put in front of him. Some meals I end up giving him fruit because he won't eat anything else and he will always take fruit, but most of the time he eats what I give him.

If you need food ideas for your toddler, or if you have a very allergic toddler like me, or if you like knowing what's in people's cupboards - here's what B is eating:


Hardest meal of the day. I'm always so tired and barely awake enough to turn the stove on. I was getting in the habit of feeding B applesauce and a few gluten free puffs, but that's not enough food for him. His doctor wants him to be getting meat with every meal so I've recently changed our breakfast routine.

- Oatmeal with coconut oil (I mix coconut oil with a lot of things because he needs good fats)
- Hash (I am in LOVE with this new idea I stumbled across. I throw together a whole bunch of stuff and scramble it up. Example: Bacon, apple chicken sausage, apple, sweet potato. B and J love it.)
- Chicken sausage (good preservative free options from Trader Joe's and Costco)
- Fruit (blueberries, grapes, applesauce, plum, peach, pear, apples ... etc)

I usually make a big batch of oatmeal at the beginning of the week and then feed it to him throughout. I'm going to start doing the same thing with the hash. I add flax seed to his oatmeal too. Thanks to flax seed and lots of water B has never been constipated (fingers crossed, knock on wood).


If we have leftover chicken or other meat from dinner I give it to him for lunch. Most days he gets lunch meat and a vegetable or three. I know some moms who won't give lunch meat to their little ones, but I feel comfortable with what Trader Joe's has on offer. I love Trader Joe's; I buy most of our groceries there now because they do super smart things like offer already cut up fruit and vegetables at a decent price and they have good food without a whole lot of junk added in.

- Ham
- Turkey
- Chicken
- Chili (homemade or Trader Joe's)
- Black beans 
- Butternut squash
- Acorn squash
- Carrots
- Sweet potatoes 
- Sweet potatoes and apples with cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger, roasted (B loves when I make him this)
- Potatoes (still working on russets from our garden!)
- Lentils
- Coconut yogurt 
- Gluten free bread with turkey and goat cheese on top - put under the broiler for a minute or two to melt the cheese


B usually eats what we're having, but when I get a craving and make something he can't have (like lasagna) he gets something else. I do some creative substituting too. The other night we had sweet and spicy stir fry with noodles. The noodles had wheat so I gave B mung bean noodles. He LOVED them.


- Raisins 
- Rice cakes 
- Fruit (at least one snack time he gets a banana)
- Cut and steamed veggies 
- Gluten free, dairy free puffs
- Plum Baby dairy free snacks (coconut yogurt melts and other little treats. They are expensive, I'm trying to stay away from them)
- Fruit leather

I feel like I should make smoothies for B, but I've had little success on that front. I wish he liked avocados. I've tried hiding them in different foods but he can suss out even the smallest amount of avocado.

B only has water and breast milk to drink. He still nurses five times in a 24 hour cycle, which gives him a much needed nutritional boost. B eats every two hours. Some days he eats every hour. If I forget to feed him, or if he gets hungry, he goes to the first shelf in the pantry where we store his food, stretches up on his toes until he can snag something, hauls it off the shelf and brings it to me. B doesn't care if I feed him that particular food, he just wants me to give him something. I no longer let him breastfeed on demand because it was getting a little interesting in public. B has milk at 9 am, at 1 pm (or before nap), at 6:30 pm and twice during the night.

So tell me, what's your little one eating? Food ideas and suggestions welcome!


  1. Let me start out by saying I think you're doing a fabulous job in less than ideal circumstances.
    We seem to have the opposite problems here, though I guess they are not really problems. Juliet will eat anything, and lots of it. if she's in the high chair, she's pretty much screaming unless there is food in her mouth. She grunts while she waits for her food, she grunts while she eats. SHE CAN'T GET ENOUGH! She is also 95th percentile, so I worry she eats too much, but I only give her the good stuff.
    She has porridge (oats) for breakky with banana, pear, blueberries. Lunch might be ham, cheese and avocado in a rye wrap or on wholemeal. Dinner - whatever we're having - any mix of veggies, meats, fish, quinoa, pasta, rice. I must admit, she's not hugely keen on eggs. I make them for Angus all the time but she does spit them out a bit, and big chunks of red meat - not really a fan. She's still breastfeeding twice a day - morning and night. Seems I spoke too fast about her dropping the morning feed. She had it again this morning. She only stopped feeding at midday and during the night a few weeks ago, so don't lose hope, the weaning process does start eventually. I didn't encourage her to drop those feeds, she really did do it at her own pace.
    Anyway, all of our babies are different, with different likes, and needs and I think you are doing the very best by your precious B.

  2. I second that, you are doing a great job with the feeding part.

    We were having a rough time with what to feed Carter. Breakfast he will have banana or some other fruit and oatmeal after he has had a morning bottle. Lunch is a meat, either lunch meat or leftovers from the previous days dinner. Dinner he will have whatever we have. Snacks I will give him either puffs, or the Plum brand pouches. We also do applesauce, quinoa, rice, organic ravioli/spaghetti. He really loves green beans. I will either warm up some organic canned ones or I will buy them whole and make them myself and toss them with some olive oil, bake them for a few minutes then add some Parmesan on top. Also for snacks I let him eat some organic "cheerios" from our local grocery store.

    I bought some avocados to try them out with him again because the last time he tried them he was only 7 months old and wasn't a huge fan but thought i would give it another shot.

    I will also make him whole wheat toast with either a little butter or organic apple butter.

    Again, I think you are doing a fantastic job with his meals especially when he has so many allergies. Keep up the good work, mama.


thank you!


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