Tuesday, October 30, 2012

feeling like this

I was going to work out this morning, but B was not having it so I sat in front of the fire and had a hot drink and good conversation with a friend. Going to a gym with a cafe and fireside seating is dangerous. How is one supposed to work out when there's muffins and comfy chairs on offer? B is super, super, super clingy lately. He's napping right now and I'm enjoying a break from my little spider monkey.

Charlotte said a quick hello this morning. When I opened the front door I saw a hummingbird hovering over the lavender that lines the walk. I don't care for Halloween, but it would be nice to have a little ladybug darting around begging for candy (not that I would give her any)

If you are reading this from somewhere affected by Hurricane Sandy please stay safe and dry. I nearly had a heart attack when reading about the NICU babies in New York who had to be evacuated.

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  1. That is truly frightening, I hope those babies survived the move.


thank you!


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