Sunday, October 28, 2012

I want to remember ...

That B crawled at 8 months.

And walked at 11.5 months.

That he got his first tooth at 8 months.

And began solids too.

8 was a big month.

Our breastfeeding relationship. In the hospital after he was born B struggled with nursing, and then later, at home, we struggled mightily to figure it out. I would hold him with one hand and then tuck my hand under the side he was feeding on and hold my breast in his mouth so he wouldn't have to work so hard. To this day he reaches for my free hand, pushes it under his chin and holds on while he nurses.

I'm his security blanket.

That when B is tired he likes to curl up with us on the floor. It's how he tells us he's ready for bed, and how he shows affection. Sometimes I'll lay down on the floor just so he will come up and plop down next to me for a cuddle.

The way B babbles right now. He has the best language. I can't understand a word, but it sure is beautiful. 

That he loves lights. He points at any and all lights and says, "that."

The way he dances.

That I think he will be left handed.

The sound of him growling in frustration or anger.

That he calls Isabel, "Iza."

His creativity. 

His smarts.

That he loves to read.

That he can kick a ball (and his toys) really, really well.

How I look in this picture. Unguarded. Fierce. Like a mama. Like someone who will fight if anyone or anything - illness, bad luck, ill timing, fate - tries to take him from me.

Someday he may look back at this blog and be like, "Mom, seriously?"

And I'll say, "Yeah, kid, I want to remember."

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  1. Wonderful fierce mama!
    This morning, almost one week old, Bode smiled. I jotted a note on a post it. It was 3am. Trying so hard to soak it all in. I want to remember. :)


thank you!


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