Friday, October 19, 2012

(mis)adventures in parenting

A few days ago B was running around like a kid possessed. We had been home a lot because he was sick and it was showing. If I don't get B out at least once a day he becomes a naughty whirlwind of destruction. I needed to get the dishes done but couldn't keep B out of trouble long enough to do so. Then I had a brilliant idea: I would let B help me with the dishes.

I filled the plastic pink tub from B's NICU stay with smugness, thinking about all of the amazing things I would be teaching him: sensory play, introduction to household chores, the importance of helping ...

The idea was that he would stand next to me and splash about a bit. I didn't want him soaking the dining room chairs (they're already ruined but I like to pretend they're still nice) so I grabbed a wooden chair from the garage. I pushed it up against the counter and set B up on it. He was way too short to reach the counter.

I picked him up and thought for a moment. Then I had a brilliant idea. I would put him on the counter with the tub. He could splash about gently and calmly next to the sink while I did the dishes. It was a lovely picture in my mind. I think I've been spending too much time on Pinterest.

The gentle splashing lasted exactly three seconds. B is a toddler. What is he going to do with a tub of water? Toss it, of course. Water cascaded over the counters, down the cupboards and pooled on the floor. Everything within a few feet of B was soaked.

This always happens to me. I have a brilliant idea that will foster learning and encourage development and two seconds after said activity starts it falls apart. Welcome to toddler-hood and a mother who does not think beyond, "this will be fun!" (Someday I'll tell you about the vegan cheese fiasco. Maybe. That was a bad one.)

I stripped B to his diaper, which was so waterlogged he could almost sweep the floor with it, and began wiping up the mess. B thought mama cleaning the floor with towels was hilarious so I gave him a rag to help. That kept him occupied for a while and I was able to do the dishes - thirty minutes after I set out to do so.

PS: Unexpected Goodbye postcards now available for hospital memory boxes! If you would like some please contact me. If possible paying for shipping costs (no more than $5) would be appreciated!

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  1. I have this same problem, I only think about how much FUN it will be for him, and I never remember how much of a tiny little tornado he is. Then again, some of our best memories are of fun times gone awry, so I have no regrets.


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