Friday, October 26, 2012


B is two weeks shy of 14 months. He is still up twice a night, sometimes more. I keep telling myself I will miss our middle of the night moments someday.

He is still in and out of our bed. If B doesn't feel well, or if I'm too tired to function he moves in with us for a few nights. Or three weeks. The night before the 13th he was fussy and not feeling well. I brought him in with us because I needed sleep and because having a little one cuddled close the night before the memorial walk was comforting.

My memory is shot. I've been forced to become a morning person. Though I'm so groggy not much parenting happens. I need a solid hour or so to wake up and be functional. 6 am is just too early.

These dark mornings and cold nights are good for my soul. They seem hard - they are hard - but there is joy in sleep deprivation. I have a sweet, kind, mischievous baby ... who doesn't sleep very well. And if I hadn't lost so much I wouldn't know how good I have it.


  1. His hair is really coming in, huh?

  2. If I hadn't lost so much, I wouldn't know how good I have it.

    Gawd. Ain't that the truth.


thank you!


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