Saturday, October 27, 2012

pumpkin patch baby

We had so much fun at Bauman Farms today.

A family friend has celebrated her birthday the past two years with a trip to the pumpkin patch followed by soup and cider at her house. It's a blast.

It was pouring rain, but most everything is covered so we were able to enjoy our time and stay dry. I love how many activities this farm has for toddlers. And I really appreciated the baby care tent when B needed a diaper change and some mama milk. Nothing better than a comfy couch, a nice rug and a changing station when baby and mama need a break.


Where is B?


I have no idea what we're looking at



  1. That farm looks amazing! I love all those great amenities for B!

  2. Good lord, these pictures are too cute for words!


thank you!


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