Wednesday, October 24, 2012

spoken world blog round-up TWO

Thanks to Angie from Still Life With Circles for hosting another round up. I hope lots of people participate this year. I've "known" some of you over two years now. It's good to hear you speak.

Last year's video.


  1. Beautiful video. Your post in September was a great one- so lovely to hear your voice.

  2. I'm so glad you chose this post. Perfect choice.

  3. just. beautiful. I loved reading the post when you wrote it, but loved even more getting to hear you read it. xoxo

  4. Angela, it's so lovely to see and hear you. This post is so perfect. I'm sure we all understand those triggers that can spin us back in time.
    Thank you so much for sharing. x

  5. Oh Angela. That last sentence and the look on your face just broke my heart.

    Such a beautiful post and it is even more lovely to hear you read it aloud. Scents can just send us whizzing back through time and they have . . . no regard . . . for how we feel? Bam. Right back there, whether you like it or not.

  6. hearing you talk about the sage brought me right back to those early days when I also made sage tea. hot summer days, walking around in a stupor, drinking sage tea and wearing sticky cabbage. i hate those days, and most times push them far back in my memory. so early, so raw. thank you for sharing your post.

  7. I have found myself looking back at those small moments and see memories that hold me close to him. Thank you for sharing this post with us.


thank you!


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