Sunday, May 3, 2015

this is a hard time of year for us ... but there's good news

We've been saying, "this is a hard time of year for us ..." so often lately I feel like we should have t-shirts made so we can just point at the shirts when people are puzzled by our behavior.

One grief side effect that annoys me to pieces is that making decisions is really hard for me from mid-April to mid-May. The other day when J asked if I wanted anything for dinner since he was going to the store I started to cry because I was so overwhelmed at the prospect of picking something to eat.

Throw in moving, and all of the things that go with it, and trying to find a house to buy, and I've spent a lot of time the last few days feeling overwhelmed and crying.


the good, fabulous, great news is that we put an offer on a house and it was accepted!!! 

It's been a huge adjustment for me to wrap my mind around the house since it is not what we originally planned to buy. We put our poor agent through quite an ordeal this weekend, but after a lot of back and forth we decided to proceed with the purchase. It's not the super, amazing dream home I wanted, but it's a step towards it, and it will absolutely work for our family for the next five or so years.

I cannot believe we are buying another five year home, but after going over and over numbers and what we want we decided that it made the most sense to do that, and then prepare to build.

The house is dated, but in great shape (our agent said, "this house is built like a bomb shelter!) so we can fix up a few things, or just live in a dated home for a few years. The biggest downside is that the kitchen is nowhere near what I would like, but J is going to add an oven (the only oven is original and it hardly works) and add a bar on the other side of it so I can have more counter space. When we first toured the home I said, "Look at this interesting microwave in the brick wall here." And then our agent said, "that's your oven," to which I said, "WHAT???!!!" But J and our agent are master builders and sorted that particular problem out within a few minutes.

The more I think about the house the more excited I get so I really hope the process goes smoothly. It's a 4 bed, 2 bath home, and it's about 400 square feet bigger than the one we are currently in so I think it will really work for us.


I managed not to cry in front of our real estate agent yesterday, which was a huge effort, but I'm really trying to tone down the crying in public around Charlotte's birthday this year.

We got a house, guys!! The end of this HUGE process is in sight! I'll still have to move in with my parents for a little while, but not nearly as long as we feared.

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