Wednesday, June 17, 2015

We're home!!

There are boxes everywhere. Some rooms are put together. Others are in more of a fluid state. J hasn't installed the oven yet so I'm cooking all stove top meals, or using the BBQ. Our realtor brought us a HUGE basket of fruit so that's been a large part of our diet the last few days.

I like the house more than I thought I would. The brick in the dining room/kitchen is growing on me. The size of the rooms are wonderful. I love how spacious the house feels even though it's less square footage than we originally had in mind. The family bathroom is more problematic than we thought it would be, but we have two full bathrooms so we can make it work for us until J can do a full renovation (not the original plan, but it needs done).

The house is in a state, and it will be for a while as we fix things up, but there's nothing we HAVE to do - aside from the oven - so I'm ready to throw open the doors and show everyone our new house. I'm going back and forth on whether or not we should have an official housewarming party. I think I would really enjoy it, and I don't care about the fact that it won't be perfect (this is a new development. Six years ago I would have cared), but I don't know if it's too much effort. Maybe we should just have people come over whenever ... more of an ongoing housewarming thing. Last Saturday turned into an unofficial party. A lot of our family was there, kids were tearing all around the house and yard, it was a lot of fun, but I was also moving and directing so there wasn't a lot of time to chat.

When we were looking for houses J went on and on about "the lot." I was about ready to kill him, and I kept pushing for a smaller lot because we saw houses that would work if only the lot was bigger, but J really wanted a large lot, and then he found this house, and I agreed to look at it even though it was an older ranch (two things I wanted to avoid) and guess what? Having a large lot is GREAT. I love how much room the kids have to run, how there's a bit of side yard between us and our neighbors, and how there's a secret little corner the kids can make into a fort. And I can see the yard from the kitchen/dining area so I can be in the house while the kids are outside without worrying.

My view from the kitchen - Ainsleigh is swinging, B is playing with the water table way off to the side

The "secret spot" also known as the place where the last owner kept yard debris

And the ranch house layout is actually pretty great in this house. I really like the one level layout, and having the second bathroom and fourth bedroom on the other side of the house provides a fabulous space for guests to use.

It's perfect. Just perfect. And lovely. And home.

Come visit!

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