Monday, March 14, 2016

the resting place {community post 3}

In my previous community posts I wrote about how God has been asking me to step into community. Even though I drag my heels and whine about being an introvert He keeps pointing out people and situations and nudging me to invite and ask. And in the process He is teaching me how I can be in community and still have solo time.

As I was switching the laundry this afternoon I was thinking about the friend I had over this morning. This is a friend I don't have to be "on" with. Aren't those the best kind?! We just parent each other's kids, serve snacks, and putter around together until it's time for her to go. Today I felt like I gave her something she needed - a place to be on a hard day - and that was nice. I can do that. I like doing that.

I want people to feel like they can come over, kick their feet up, and be. I want a sign next to our door: we don't stand on ceremony here. (And I will probably feed you. I can't seem to stop myself)

I don't know how many times God is going to ask me to open my home, but in one year I've kept up a lot of friendships, and I've started some new ones. And I am now wondering how in the world I am going to manage "the big play date" this summer. Once a year, sometime during the summer, I invite all my mom friends over. Instead of having small groups, or one mama over, I throw out an invitation to everyone. The list this year is long. Like I may have to divide it into two days long. It's incredible how saying yes to God can lead someone like me - a real, true, need a break from my kids every day to be alone - introvert.

Is God asking you to do something that makes you uncomfortable? What are you afraid to try? I had people over on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday last week! With faith and a willing heart I believe you too can do your hard thing!

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