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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

let's get out of here {oregon garden visit}

Every now and then (once a week) I hit a day that just feels impossible. It becomes imperative for me to get us out of the house so we don't go crazy. B is super active. Kid needs to move and he needs ample room to do it in. We're having a bit of a rocky week as J is back at work and I am gearing up for our big weekend.

This morning I tossed the mile long to do list aside and tried to figure out somewhere we could go. Park? Lame. Besides we have a play set in our yard now!! Superbounce? B is too short. Library? We go once - if not twice - a week. I think they're tired of seeing our faces. Then I had an idea: Oregon Garden.

I hesitated when I saw the entrance fee, $11.00!?, but B was free to get in so I decided to go. I was going to go by myself (I am feeling very, very solitary this pregnancy. A lot of days I prefer just hanging with B) but decided to see if my mom was up for it since she had one of my nephews for the day. She was! I'm so glad she came since there were a couple times she had to chase B down for me. (At one point B bolted and almost squeezed through a gap in the fence that neither of us had a chance of getting through). You can find our group in just about any public place. We're the ones incessantly chorusing "Where's B? Who has B? Where's B?".

The train garden in the children's garden

Hobbit House

We walked for miles. B included. I brought the umbrella stroller just in case, but ended up using it to carry the diaper bag and our lunch sack. I am tired and achy this pregnancy, but I started out healthier than I've been in a long time which has helped a lot. I walked and chased and sprinted today without too much difficulty. I was worn out by the end, but nothing hurts. I haven't had nearly as much back or hip pain this pregnancy and I think it's because I've kept moving. I'm proud of myself for getting in shape and trying to hold things together as best I can during pregnancy. I've finally come around to the idea that I'll never be super thin, that's just not my body type, but being fit and feeling good is more important. And I've finally achieved it!! Hopefully I can get it back after this pregnancy.

I have no idea where that tangent came from ...


We'll definitely visit again. The children's garden has lots of things for Bennett to do and there's a few areas I didn't get to explore. And it's only 25 minutes from our house!

Angel of Hope at Oregon Garden

The Gordon House, Frank Lloyd Wright (extra $10 for a tour, did not go in)

Overall it was a successful day. I wanted to spend time with Bennett, give him a day out of the house before we're stuck inside for an entire day cooking and packing. He fell asleep as we were driving out of the gates. Mission accomplished.

Successfully transferred to his bed for a two hour nap!

Friday, April 26, 2013

what can change in a year?


Tulip Farm: April 30 '12 / April 26 '13

Sunday, July 29, 2012


I'm back!  We had a great time camping with friends in Florence, Oregon (Jeanette, I thought of your Florence Violet so much this weekend) but it's nice to be home.

Prepare yourself: I took TONS of pictures.

B and his cousins helping us pack.

How B smiles now. We don't know where he learned it.

Helping J put the tent up.

Florence is part of the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area which stretches close to fifty miles.  You have to see these dunes to understand just how amazing they are.  We climbed to the top of one of the dunes, played in the sand and even went on a dune buggy ride.

Crawling on sand is so hard.

My friend and I had quite the time on our dune buggy ride. We sent the guys off to do something a bit more wild while we hopped on the scenic ride with our kids. We thought it would be slow. It was not. I cannot believe they let me take my ten month old. I strapped him in with me and held on for dear life. B loved it. He laughed and put his hands in the air like he was on a roller coaster.

Fresh water around a tree island in the middle of the dunes.


Yummy roasted apples which we rolled in cinnamon and sugar.

Early morning walk to the lake because someone woke up at 6am.


Bath time.

Stopped for a short hike on the way home.

It was so good to get away.  I really needed it.  One of my favorite moments was holding B and watching the fire until he drifted off to sleep last night. He NEVER holds still when we're out doing something exciting. We wore him out and nearly two hours past his bedtime he settled in for mama cuddles and sleep.


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