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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

baby proofing!

Dear me, I think it's time.  This morning I watched B roll from his back to his stomach, then to his back.  He readjusted, rolled up onto his side, got his knees and bum under him and began using his arms to pull himself forward.

Shoot, that would look a lot like crawling if he pulled his head off the floor, I thought.

Right now he just drops his head to either side, doesn't matter which one, and drags it along like some annoying heavy thing that has to come along but doesn't really help or hinder.

We need to baby proof the house before he's mobile, and I have a feeling it's coming soon.  Though we're three months into teething with nary a tooth popped through so what do I know?

My final year of college I was a nanny for a family with a two year old.  They had everything baby proofed.  When they went out of town I house sat for them and discovered the baby proofing insanity touched every item in that house, including their shower.  It was locked.  Seriously, locked with one of those child proof tab things!  I had to tack five minutes on to every single task because I had to figure out how to get into the drawers and cabinets I needed.

I don't want to be that crazy about it, but we should put up a few baby gates, and block the sockets.

This baby proofing service looks promising, then I wouldn't have to do anything! I've never liked the idea of crawling around on the floor to see what B might discover.  Maybe I should wait, baby proof as we go, let him show me what I need to protect.

I need to rearrange my kitchen too, give B a cupboard he can pull things out of so I'm not telling him no all the time/stopping whatever I'm doing one hundred times to take things away.

Just the thought of it is exhausting.

B has been napping for a few minutes, which means I only have ten or so left and one thousand things to do.  I should go make myself lunch, unless Ritz crackers and a Diet Pepsi count ... ?


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