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Thursday, April 17, 2014

unexpected goodbye: the decision to make it FREE

It's always felt a little strange to put a price on the book I wrote for those navigating the waters of infant loss and stillbirth. Any time someone contacted me, I sent it to them. If I was asked for a resource, I sent it. It never felt right to ask for money. And all the money I received from it has been used to donate to places like Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep, or to help grow the infant loss ministry at our church I am part of. I know you don't need an accounting of what I have done with the little bit I have made from it, but I want to be transparent and honest about what my journey with this book has been like.

I am working on a second book. A much longer, more detailed, very personal memoir. IF I ever finish it it will be for sale, but that book is an entirely different creature. I want Unexpected Goodbye to reach as many people as possible. I think the best way for that to happen is to offer it for free. Now, if you want to download a copy you'll have to purchase it from Amazon. That is the best and easiest way for me to manage things and protect myself.

Unexpected Goodbye is my heart on the page. It's the words I wish someone had told me after Charlotte died. Please share it. Please pass on the link. And please remember that it is my work. Please give credit where it is due. I put hours of work into Unexpected Goodbye. I spent two years writing and revising the book. It is one of the ways I honor and remember Charlotte. If one person benefits from Unexpected Goodbye it validates my sweet girl and her short life on this Earth.

You can find Unexpected Goodbye at the top of the blog or just click HERE.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

learning curve

Sorry to be so posty today. Last one for a while, promise!

thoughts & giveaway winner!

Thank you for entering my giveaway! The winner is ...

Hannah Rose! Let me know where you would like your copy sent, Hannah.

My brain has been absolutely fried lately. I'm a bit done in with lack of sleep combined with B's first birthday and getting the book published and available in varying formats. The Kindle edition is NOT working. For some reason the pictures are not showing up right now. We are working on fixing the problem ASAP.

Thank you so much for your comments on my desperate sleep post. The crib soother is helping some. I've been able to get longer stretches of sleep, which helps my mood so much.

I'm in a really strange place. I've achieved a dream - publishing a book - but the way it came about is not what I planned for my life. Obviously. I spoke with the owner of the bookstore where I used to work this morning. We talked briefly about how my life and career path has gone in a completely different direction than expected. And it's all because of one little girl's short life.

As I drove by the hospital where Charlotte died this morning I thought about how much it still hurts. Even after all this time. Even with a dream accomplished and my boy with his toes on the edge of toddlerhood sleeping quietly in the backseat it hurts. It hurts. It hurts. It hurts. Sending this book out into the world is really bittersweet. Thank you for supporting me and loving my Charlotte.

kindle version available!!

UPDATE: The Kindle edition is not working right now. We hope to have it up and running soon!

The Kindle version of Unexpected Goodbye is available for purchase!!

You can buy it HERE.

We are still working on having Unexpected Goodbye available for the Nook and other devices. Converting it to Kindle just about did my brain in. I need a day before I start trying to sort out converting to epub.

Thank you for your patience. And thank you to Ann for being determined to make it happen and Teri ( for advice!

Monday, September 3, 2012


If you haven't bought Unexpected Goodbye yet here's your chance to win a copy!
All you have to do to enter is share this post on Facebook or Twitter. Then come back here and leave a comment letting me know you did. I'll select a winner using Thursday, the 6th.

And ... one more thing: I feel terrible for forgetting to thank Amy for snapping the cover photo. She captured so many beautiful photos of us on Charlotte's first birthday. Thank you, friend!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Unexpected Goodbye Contents

I can't believe how quickly things are taking off with the eBook! Thank you SO much for encouraging and supporting me. If you have purchased the book please send me your feedback when you have finished reading it. I want it to be the best it can. And please continue to share it. I want people to have it as a resource and you help make that happen.

Here are the contents of Unexpected Goodbye for those who downloaded a free chapter and want to know what the rest of the book is about.

Chapter 1: Saying Goodbye
Chapter 2: Autopsy Report, Burial, Cremation, Memorial Service
Chapter 3: Early Days
Chapter 4: Postpartum
Chapter 5: Relationships
Chapter 6: A Father’s Grief 
Chapter 7: Work, Responsibilities
Chapter 8: Choosing to live
Chapter 9: For Friends & Family
Chapter 10: Trying to Conceive After Loss 
Chapter 11: Closing

To buy Unexpected Goodbye just click HERE.

Thank you for reading our story and loving our family.

Friday, August 31, 2012

Unexpected Goodbye: When Your Baby Dies

Here it is!! This book has been on my project list for so long it feels strange to send it out into the world.

Buy it HERE for $2.99.

Or go check out the website I built and buy it THERE.

You can also download a free chapter HERE or HERE.

Thank you to Ann Dorn, publisher and owner of Seattle Natural Awakenings, for her hard work as editor and project manager.

Thank you to my parents, J and Jessi for being my initial readers.

And a thousand thank yous to my dear Charlotte for blessing me with her short life and inspiring me to write through the grief and brokenness.

You are loved and missed, little bird.

*The book will be available for Kindle and other e-readers soon.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

book update

I have spent the last few days knee deep in editing.  And chasing Bennett around.  He is SO busy. Yesterday at the store the clerk said, "Is he always like this?"  I was trying to pay and keep Bennett off the conveyor belt (those cart buckles are a joke).  "Yes, he is.  He's busy." I replied as I held Bennett down and shoved my debit card back into my wallet.

after a tumble in the living room yesterday. yes, that's blood on his shirt.

End of summer is still my goal for completion of the eBook.  I think the editing portion is finished, but there are quite a few other things that have to be done before it is available.  We're close, and I'm excited, though excitement feels like the wrong emotion.  I am excited to share it, but I am not excited so many people need a resource like this.

The book is now eleven chapters (everything from saying goodbye (chapter one) to the postpartum period (chapter four) to a father's perspective on grief (chapter six)) and roughly thirty three pages.

I am trying to figure out how to get the book to people who need it.  What did you do after your baby died?  Did you go online right away?  Did you seek out resources?  How did you find Glow in the Woods, Faces of Loss and other support sites?  I would like to make this available at hospitals, but I don't know how feasible that is.

Bennett is having a screaming fit, so I best end this and attend to him.  Life as a nine month old is so hard.


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