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Sunday, May 4, 2014

the beginning of a beautiful friendship

Since Ainsleigh will not be denied I've reluctantly started giving her food. I cannot explain how vocal this child is. You just have to experience it.

Since Bennett didn't really get going with food until 8 months this is new territory for me. I'm doing baby led weaning, but I'm not quite sure what I'm doing. And it's not strict baby led weaning because I am making some of her food into a fairly chunky puree.

Maybe we should coin a new phrase: instinctual feeding. I bet if I google that phrase it already exists (so I'm just not going to do that).

This evening I caught myself thinking I haven't fed her in a while! I'm supposed to feed her breastmilk before solids. Oh no! I'm not introducing one food at a time either.

Reminder: there aren't baby police, or mom police, who will enforce these rules that are really just guidelines.

This evening I put a bits of pureed sweet potato on Ainsleigh's tray and let her explore. She had a great time.

Ainsleigh has tried avocado, sweet potato and homemade chicken broth. She liked all of them but chicken broth is definitely her favorite.

How is she already this big?

Thursday, March 29, 2012

B & Avocado

B seemed to do fine with his first dose of avocado.  He was a bit uncertain, but didn't mind eating.  We decided to do purees for now, though baby led weaning may be in our future.

Then he stopped sleeping.  And I need my sleep.  I am protective of my four hour stretches.  After four consecutive bad nights I didn't give him avocado for a day, just milk.  Guess what?  He slept fine.

We're going to file this under not ready for solids.


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