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Sunday, August 17, 2014

fish fest // out and about with kids // meeting jeremy camp

On Friday night J said, "So, we've been invited to Fish Fest." (a big all day concert put on by a local Christian radio station - The Fish)

"We don't have tickets."

"No, our friends, they won tickets. And they invited us to go."

"It's tomorrow."

"I know, they have these VIP tickets. They won them, I guess. At an auction or something.

"It's going to be hot. What about the kids?"

"They're taking their two-year-old."

We thought for a moment.

"Let's do it," J said. "I don't want to be people who don't do things just because we have kids."

In the morning we packed up the kids and went to the park. This concert happens every summer in the Portland metro area. This year it just happened to be in Salem, and our friends just happened to win a four pack of tickets at a benefit for a local homeless shelter.

We were so lucky to have special tickets. We didn't have to wait in the very long line (it took almost three hours for them to get everyone through the gates) and were able to grab a spot in the one tented area. There's no way we would have lasted all day in the direct sun with kids.

It was a long day. A long, hot day. We had fun, but I don't know if we would go again. The venue was overcrowded (7,000 people or so in the field at Riverfront Park - they had to move the barriers back to accommodate everyone) and the food/water prices were - of course - a lot (no outside food allowed, but we brought food for B because he can't eat anything at a place like that).

How it looked when we arrived (this is the VIP area)

How it looked right after we met Jeremy Camp. We're standing at the outer barricade. Wall o' people.

It was a little bit like living in an anxiety dream for me (so many people! the heat! someone in front of us eating peanut butter candy!) but being able to sit in one place most of the time helped. It's nice to have a baby too. I sent J out to get food and water. "I'll just sit here with the kids ..."

We didn't know most of the early bands, and when a rock band came on we had to walk the kids to the other side of the venue because the volume was VERY LOUD when they came on and we were worried about Ainsleigh. Everything was delayed so the one singer we really wanted to see we didn't get to watch all the way through. But our tickets allowed us to meet him in person which was nice.

I'm not really into people. Does that make sense? J and I said, "Oh, that's fun, we got to meet Jeremy Camp," but it didn't make the event for us. And when our friends went to meet the band Mercy Me we passed because it was late and we wanted to get home. Jeremy was nice though! I really like his music. His first wife died of cancer shortly after they got married. The songs he wrote from that period of his life I really connected with after we lost Charlotte.

 It's really hard to get a good picture (quickly) with this many people (and kids). Here is our conversation about the above picture:
"Why is my face so fat, J?"
"I don't know why. That's your pregnancy face."
"What?! It's true."

The kids did really well considering the heat, the cramped conditions, and the fact that people would not sit down (even though they were asked to) so we couldn't see the stage. B only had one accident - how about that! - at the very end when he was exhausted.

I think the sheer exhaustion we all felt today is reason enough to avoid doing this again. J fell asleep on the living room floor this afternoon. We left early so we were home by 9:30 or so, which is when we normally go to bed, but sitting out in the heat and having to limit our water intake drained us (water was expensive and the lines were long. We had a really hard time staying hydrated.)

BUT! But, but, but, it is great to see that many people loving and worshiping the Lord. Sometimes being a Christian can feel a little lonely, like there aren't many people in the world who share my views and perspective. It was nice to be with people who love Jesus like I do. It's pretty incredible to see so many people praising God and lifting their voices to the heavens together.

Pat on the back for getting out with the kids, but I think we'll make it a one time experience.

Monday, August 20, 2012

but what will we eat?

We are up to our ears in Hawaii plans here. I'm really excited about going, especially since I get to do amazing things like a nearly three hour long zipline tour (!!).

I am going to be terrified, but it's something I've always wanted to do. I am avoiding the OPEN DOOR helicopter tour. There is no way I would make it through without losing my breakfast, and sanity.

While everyone else has been planning where we will stay and what we will do I've been thinking about food. I'm such a nerd, I made a food itinerary. I like food and I need it on a very regular basis or else no one will want to be friends with me. While looking at popular breakfast spots near our condo I even considered weaning Bennett before the trip so I can eat well renowned pancakes.

Have you been to Maui? (We are staying in Lahaina.) Do you have any restaurant recommendations? Family restaurants mostly, though J and I are going to sneak away for a date night if we can. I am going to seek out local farmer's markets, and we are going to stop at Costco on our way to the condo after we land. Any other ideas? Food or otherwise?

I am really going along for the ride on this one. When we met to talk about plans on Saturday I was like, "the condo looks great! we have rental cars all lined up? great! our flight is when? great! we're going where what day? great!" There is something to be said about along for the ride tourism, though I did select the zipline tour because zipping through the trees on a line in a harness has always seemed like it would be fun. 

We are so blessed to have this opportunity to go to Hawaii. So.blessed. I can't believe it. This is something we've always wanted to do (and were planning on doing for our 10 year anniversary). I am so grateful to J for his hard work and dedication to his job so we can do things like this. And I am grateful to his family for all the work they are doing to make this trip not only possible but full of adventure and relaxation.

Monday, July 30, 2012

the joy of it

I'm writing this on the floor of our bedroom.  Sweet B needs a good nap, but he is having a hard time settling down in his crib so I'm trying our bed.  Not the most comfortable place for me, but he's so grumpy I'm willing to forsake comfort.

Thinking back over our weekend what strikes me the most is how much fun we had.  We haven't been camping since just before Charlotte was conceived.  We love to camp, hang out outdoors and go on hikes (though I've never backpacked and don't plan to) and we let all of that fall to the side.

This camping trip was the first time I've thoroughly enjoyed every last second of a vacation since Charlotte died.  I was excited about everything, even how close our campsite was to the bathroom (very important when camping with young ones).  Until this weekend I didn't realize how much of the time I'm still living life halfheartedly.  I don't know if my going through the motions attitude can be attributed to fear, or a lack of energy or some other unknown, but enjoying every ounce of our vacation made me realize just how much I've been holding back.

Before we left for our camping trip I saw a rare glimpse of Charlotte in Bennett's face.  I don't see her in him much now that he's nearly a year (sob) but for a second I saw her profile in his and it took my breath away. Sometimes the knowledge that I have a living child and a dead child roars forth from the back of my mind and knocks me flat.

I should have been rocking two little ones to sleep on our trip.  There should have been a sister and brother camping together.  Our family of three should be a family of four ...

I don't know if it's possible to reconcile what should be with what is, but this vacation showed me that three can be gloriously happy even when the fourth is missing.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

oh, saturday


Orange Balloon


I reached a point this afternoon, a tipping point actually, wherein I decided to abandon all hope of a clean house and clothes and bake instead.

It was the right decision.

Blueberry muffins - egg free!  Never again will I beg J to run out for blueberry muffins on a Saturday morning.  These are SO good, and I know exactly what goes in them - pure goodness.  Used Our Life in the Kitchen recipe again, but substituted flax seed and water for eggs.

Text messages from the grocery store:

J: Two packs of bay leaves?
Me: Two bay leaves, sorry.
J: How do I buy just two leaves?
Me: lol, buy one pack, sorry.

Eating twelve blueberry muffins after B is in bed.  J doesn't like them, someone's gotta do it.

Baby Kisses


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