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Saturday, September 22, 2012


Bennett scared ten years off my life this afternoon. We were at my nephew's birthday party in the community center at the complex where they live. We had the small center (one main room) to ourselves so we let Bennett roam.

I was holding Ali in the seating area when I looked up and realized Bennett wasn't with J. I scanned the room. No Bennett. I stood up and scanned again. No Bennett. "Where is Bennett?" I called. Blank stares. I rushed forward with Ali in my arms. "Who has Bennett? Has anyone seen him?!"

Everyone scattered and began looking. The center has two doors: one to the pool (locked thank goodness) and one to the parking lot. My sister rushed down the hallway to the second door. She spotted Bennett outside, red balloon cradled in his hands, toddling down the sidewalk. She ran and scooped him up just before he hit the parking lot.

I cannot believe Bennett pushed the door open and headed outside. He's only 12 months! He walked past two open bathroom doors, which is hazardous enough, and headed on out like he had somewhere to be. I am so glad he had that red balloon in his hands because it slowed him down some.

When we're in a family group I tend to assume someone has an eye on Bennett. I'll never do that again. The rest of the afternoon I kept an anxious eye out for Bennett at all times. He is so quick and independent. I have no idea how far he would've traveled if I hadn't noticed he was gone shortly after he left.

Thank the Lord for mother's intuition and guardian angels.

And then they made me stop, Daddy. They made me come in. Why can't I go wherever I want?


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