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Sunday, July 6, 2014

summer project: water table

When I brought up the idea of buying a water table guess what J said?

J came up with ideas for the water table off a few different projects he found online, but the concept and design is all his. I cannot believe he can make something like this without a plan or blueprint. He said it doesn't look good, because he forgot the seal before putting down the epoxy so the blue ran a little, but the kids don't care about how it looks.

J added these handles so the kids can easily turn features on and off.

J made the water table self generating .. that's not the exact term I want, but J is passed out on the couch after a nasty encounter with a yellow jacket so it will have to do. When the table needs cleaned out every few days we'll use the water on our garden then fill it up again.

Monday, May 26, 2014

let's make this house a home

September will mark six years in our first house. I love this little house. I go on and on about wanting a bigger kitchen and second bathroom, but I love the arches, the old floors, the tiny closets (for their charm, not their size) and the location.

I've been putting a lot of energy into our house, while J pours his efforts into the yard and house. I love that every room holds something J built or crafted: shelves in the kitchen and bathroom, a closet system upstairs, a bookshelf, a chart to mark the kids' growth ...

The backyard has come a long ways. When we moved in there was a tree near that car of B's. A HUGE one that was very diseased. After a giant branch fell during a storm and damaged the fence our first year here we had it taken down. Beyond the tree was dirt. J planted grass, built the woodshed, garden shed, patio and raised beds and last summer we received a play set (off to the side, not pictured) so the backyard is pretty much done. The bamboo is looking sad right now, but the tall stalks will leaf out soon, J will cut all the low hanging stalks, and we'll have shade over the patio table J built last year (still in storage) 

We spent the first years here trying to settle on who would be where, but now that we've moved rooms four times we have the best configuration for our family. Now that our room is permanently upstairs I've been working on cleaning it out and making it nice.

I had six - or maybe even eight - of these photographs in the living room when we first moved in. Now they're upstairs by the bookcase.

My mother's day present. We've had the letters for years, from our wedding, but J made a sign for me so that I could do something with them.

J is restoring the original screen door. I've been asking for this since we found it in the basement when we moved in. I am really excited to have a screen door this summer!

Another J project. He built this from scrap wood last weekend because I was complaining about my cutting boards and how I don't have anywhere to store them.

Now that our room is almost done I want to focus on the living room. I found a great map that I want to buy for the huge wall in the living room that I've always wrestled with. It's pricey so I have to wait a little while, but my birthday is at the end of the summer.

I want to buy a clock as well. I found one in the clearance section at Target, but it was so cheaply made the hands stuck together and would cease moving. It was useless, I had to throw it away. I don't like shopping for house stuff so making the living room nice may take a while.

Every summer J takes on a huge project. This year it's really awful. We have to paint the house! "At least the weather side," J says, hands on hips, serious face on. "It's in bad shape, must be done." I thought we were going to paint it the same color, but J broached the idea of doing something else so I'm beginning to think about paint colors and what would look nice in our neighborhood.

The first step is discovering if there is lead paint beneath the current paint that is on the house. Oh guys, this is going to be a massive project. And of course I've muttered, "can't we just hire someone?" a time or two, but J will not do that when we are capable of doing it ourselves. And this summer I don't have the pregnancy excuse so I'll be out there scraping away and learning all about how to paint a house. I'll let you know how it goes.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

favorite project (so far)

When I saw this project on Pinterest I told J he had to make it for me. B loves to help in the kitchen, but I don't have a safe, secure place for him. (Which is why he has tumbled off a kitchen chair a time or two). I love it, and so does B judging by the fit he threw when J removed him this evening after a short exploration.

J even took the time to make the tower fold. The seat pops out and we can fold it up and store it out of the way.

The Little Helper Stand is from the brilliant Ana White. J altered it a bit, but the original plans are from her website. J has to put a clear coat on and add a second slightly higher seat so B can sit at the counter if he likes, but it's almost done! 

Sunday, March 25, 2012

novice in the garden

I'm embarrassingly bad at gardening.  My only excuse, I was raised as a city girl. Yesterday we began planting our food garden.  I had way too much fun digging in the dirt, dropping in seeds and potatoes.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

pinterest success: things we've crafted

You all know I am terrible at crafts and projects.  J, however, rocks projects and DIY and home  improvements.  He can build most anything.  He would argue this point, but when I say I like something and he turns around and constructs the thing - sometimes without plans! - it leaves me impressed.

Here is an example of recent projects we've tackled from Pinterest:

J: laundry basket storage

J actually found this on the site actual because he spends so much time there, but it's been floating around Pinterest.  J dismantled an old set of shelves to make ours. It needs painted, but is otherwise done.  He made this because he was tired of going to the basement to bring the laundry up only to find himself sans basket.

Angela: plastic bag storage

We don't have many plastic bags in the house, but the few floating around make me crazy.  I did this in about five minutes this morning.  Go me.

Next on J's list: ruler growth chart for B's room

This project may be put on hold if he decides to make the benches and picnic tables for the yard.  Spring is here now, which means we'll be able to sit outside and enjoy the weather in four months or so.

Next up on my list ... 

I haven't found anything I can do yet.  But I am having a lot of success with recipes!!

Two new recipes I've served this month:

J liked the honey sesame chicken so much he asked for it to be put on next month's menu, which I've already planned out!!

What has Pinterest inspired you to make lately?

*I ditched the Disqus commenting platform.  I hope commenting on posts is easier now*


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