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Sunday, August 17, 2014

fish fest // out and about with kids // meeting jeremy camp

On Friday night J said, "So, we've been invited to Fish Fest." (a big all day concert put on by a local Christian radio station - The Fish)

"We don't have tickets."

"No, our friends, they won tickets. And they invited us to go."

"It's tomorrow."

"I know, they have these VIP tickets. They won them, I guess. At an auction or something.

"It's going to be hot. What about the kids?"

"They're taking their two-year-old."

We thought for a moment.

"Let's do it," J said. "I don't want to be people who don't do things just because we have kids."

In the morning we packed up the kids and went to the park. This concert happens every summer in the Portland metro area. This year it just happened to be in Salem, and our friends just happened to win a four pack of tickets at a benefit for a local homeless shelter.

We were so lucky to have special tickets. We didn't have to wait in the very long line (it took almost three hours for them to get everyone through the gates) and were able to grab a spot in the one tented area. There's no way we would have lasted all day in the direct sun with kids.

It was a long day. A long, hot day. We had fun, but I don't know if we would go again. The venue was overcrowded (7,000 people or so in the field at Riverfront Park - they had to move the barriers back to accommodate everyone) and the food/water prices were - of course - a lot (no outside food allowed, but we brought food for B because he can't eat anything at a place like that).

How it looked when we arrived (this is the VIP area)

How it looked right after we met Jeremy Camp. We're standing at the outer barricade. Wall o' people.

It was a little bit like living in an anxiety dream for me (so many people! the heat! someone in front of us eating peanut butter candy!) but being able to sit in one place most of the time helped. It's nice to have a baby too. I sent J out to get food and water. "I'll just sit here with the kids ..."

We didn't know most of the early bands, and when a rock band came on we had to walk the kids to the other side of the venue because the volume was VERY LOUD when they came on and we were worried about Ainsleigh. Everything was delayed so the one singer we really wanted to see we didn't get to watch all the way through. But our tickets allowed us to meet him in person which was nice.

I'm not really into people. Does that make sense? J and I said, "Oh, that's fun, we got to meet Jeremy Camp," but it didn't make the event for us. And when our friends went to meet the band Mercy Me we passed because it was late and we wanted to get home. Jeremy was nice though! I really like his music. His first wife died of cancer shortly after they got married. The songs he wrote from that period of his life I really connected with after we lost Charlotte.

 It's really hard to get a good picture (quickly) with this many people (and kids). Here is our conversation about the above picture:
"Why is my face so fat, J?"
"I don't know why. That's your pregnancy face."
"What?! It's true."

The kids did really well considering the heat, the cramped conditions, and the fact that people would not sit down (even though they were asked to) so we couldn't see the stage. B only had one accident - how about that! - at the very end when he was exhausted.

I think the sheer exhaustion we all felt today is reason enough to avoid doing this again. J fell asleep on the living room floor this afternoon. We left early so we were home by 9:30 or so, which is when we normally go to bed, but sitting out in the heat and having to limit our water intake drained us (water was expensive and the lines were long. We had a really hard time staying hydrated.)

BUT! But, but, but, it is great to see that many people loving and worshiping the Lord. Sometimes being a Christian can feel a little lonely, like there aren't many people in the world who share my views and perspective. It was nice to be with people who love Jesus like I do. It's pretty incredible to see so many people praising God and lifting their voices to the heavens together.

Pat on the back for getting out with the kids, but I think we'll make it a one time experience.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Adventure! Camping at Nehalem Bay

We went camping at Nehalem Bay State Park last week. Oh my word, it's gorgeous! I don't know that section of coast very well. It was nice to break away from our usual beach spots. Nehalem Bay campground is located between the ocean and bay, so we had beach time as well as a canoe trip to keep us busy.

Ainsleigh did really well on her first camping trip. Sleep arrangements were difficult (I now have a pinched nerve - OUCH -) but we only ended up staying one night because J fell ill. Our second night, in the last available hotel room on the coast apparently, was rough too. But we still had fun!

(When camping with little ones bring a lot of clothes and expect them to be filthy the entire time.)

Ainsleigh watching a remote control car fly across the sand.

Determined Northwesterners. The wind was blowing so hard we were in danger of losing a toddler, but my sister was determined to have her beer and beach situation. Maybe the taste of sand makes the experience more authentic.

Cuddles with Aunt Christina 


My superhero. He wears the baby and roasts marshmallows to absolute perfection.

First s'mores! I forgot the dairy free chocolate. I almost cried. B didn't notice.

Boy battle. Gotta love the water bottle in a pink beer koozie B found on the ground.

Five minutes after we arrived B was eight feet up in a tree with one of his cousins.

5:30 am in a campground. Shhhh!

Nap with Grandma

Cousin conference

Watching the guys canoe around the bay. My sister let me borrow this awesome stroller that converts into a backpack. Seriously. You just fold it up, kid inside and put it on your back. She found it for $7 at a garage sale. She always finds the best deals (confession: I never look, too lazy).

I was fascinated by the campsites with horse corrals. I took B for a walk around that loop because I wanted him to see the horses. We saw quite a few people riding on the beach.

Our campsite was next to the beach path so I took the kids "to the beach" the easy way.

Suitcase playpen in a suspicious hotel room

Sunday, September 1, 2013

day out: enchanted forest

A while back I got it in my head that I wanted to take Bennett to Enchanted Forest, a local theme park, before the new baby comes. I often fixate on an idea and decide it must happen, but the end result is always different than I expected/planned and I'm always left a little disappointed/confused.

Bennett is (nearly) 2. How could he not love a theme park full of fairy tale characters? Well, he did not. Now, I wouldn't say he hated the excursion, but shortly after our arrival he tripped merrily up to the 3 Bears house and the ensuing roars scared the pants off him. After that things were a little touch and go and he was not going anywhere dark or enclosed thank you very much. Bennett is so brave so often I sometimes forget he's still quite young. And he doesn't usually cling to me so it always surprises me a bit when he decides mama is the only answer. (Although there has been quite a bit more of that lately. I think he senses big changes on the horizon).

He liked the Alice in Wonderland rabbit hole and he enjoyed the Old Woman and the Shoe slide as well as the train but most of it he felt rather meh about. And J and I felt it was a little spendy considering all rides (of which B could only do one, poor thing inherited a slight lack of height) cost extra. We did pay $1.00 so he could "pan for gold" and he has been carrying the four rocks he found around all day so that was one win for everyone.

We also saw a terribly fabulous production of Pinocchio, which I thought we were going to have to abandon in the first few minutes as Bennett's lip was protruding quite alarmingly, but we stuck with the thirty minute performance and Bennett thought it good enough to high five Pinocchio at the end. I thought it was dreadful, but J said it was funny for kids and my annoyance at the play and its pop cultural references that flew over my head could be chalked up to general pregnancy irritation. He's probably right.

But it was fun to get out and spend time together as a family. When we go on fun outings we try to remember to thank the Lord for giving us the means and opportunity to partake. This summer has been full of fun vacations and day trips and we are blessed a thousand times over to be able to do the things I decide must be done.

I am painfully aware of how little time is left before the three of us become four. I know taking Bennett to a quirky local attraction will not make the transition to four any easier, but it makes me feel a little better to give him as much time and attention as I can before I have to shift my focus a bit.

This next week is a big one. Actually the next two are big ones. This week I have a prenatal with my midwife, a desperately needed adjustment with the chiropractor and a big, fat ultrasound/consultation with the maternal fetal medicine doctor. Everyone cross fingers and toes and send prayers that baby girl is growing well and we will be released to the midwife for the final stage of this pregnancy. Released to the midwife, now that's a strange phrase, but you know what I mean. Next Saturday the little ministry for those who have lost babies a friend and I are trying to start at our church has its debut at the fall kick-off for women. We'll just be sitting behind a table offering resources and talking to people, but that's still more than we've been doing so I'm feeling a bit anxious about that.

And then on the 9th my sweet Bennett turns TWO and at the end of that week we're having his birthday party. I keep thinking I have his birthday party to crank out and then I can just sit around until the end of October, but there's a lot more coming up after the 14th. I'm just not ready to think about it.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

I'm back! {and a little bit tired}

What a weekend! Bennett is so overdone he is falling to pieces. We spent four days at a family reunion and the overtired darling is having a spectacular meltdown as I type this. I guess going to bed at 11 pm and waking at 7:30 am will eventually catch up with a little person.

I can now say I've successfully planned a family reunion for 30 odd people. My mom and I were reluctant planners, but we had a lot of help and the end result was a lot of fun. We were way out in the hills on a ranch, totally unplugged for 4 days - except the day trip into town where everyone whipped out their smart phones as soon as they could pick up a signal - which was actually really nice.

We played games, (including a really fun version of the Amazing Race which involved far too many children and pregnant women to even come close to the real event) splashed in the creek, made cards, let the kids run wild (we didn't shower Bennett until our last night there because he was always too tired at night and by the time we tossed him in he was pretty stinky and dirty) and visited up a storm.

I got into the Amazing Race - though not nearly as much as my mother who was so into the game J labeled her "savagely competitive" - I thought doing a bit of running to help my team would be a good idea. No. It wasn't. We came in last and I had to sit down for a good long while afterwards.

I am so wiped out. We had a lot of fun, but I think I'm going to need a week of sleep to recover.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

it's berry season! (aka: how to exhaust your toddler)

This morning we went berry picking before the weather warmed up too much. J found this great little place (Haven Hill Farm) out South that we will definitely go back to. The owners are really laid back and nice. They don't care if your toddler runs around eating as many berries as he can stuff in his mouth while you pick. And they run a self serve farm so their hours are really flexible (6am-9pm!)

We were there early enough (thanks for waking up at 6, B!) to have quick, easy access to raspberries and blueberries. The blueberry bushes were so full and ripe they were crazy easy to pick. I picked raspberries for a while then sat myself down beneath a blueberry bush and picked for a while.

It was nice not having to worry about B too much. If he wandered down to the parking area (all the berries were on a hill, which is a great use of land, but not so good for this pregnant lady) we had to turn him around, but he spent most of his time wandering and eating close by.

Have I told you how much I love Oregon? Well, not all of Oregon, this area specifically. We have great access to fresh, local foods and I love how city and rural living co-exist here. On the way home we stopped at a new natural grocery store in town to see if they had pectin (we have some jam making to do!) and I complained to J about having to decide which natural store to shop at. I probably should just count my blessings that I live in a place where one can pick berries early in the morning then stop on the way home to pick up some pectin and ghee (seriously, ghee. what is becoming of us?).

B fell asleep on the way home, around noon, and is still asleep on the couch (I think we're coming up on the three hour mark!) Apparently a belly full of berries and sunshine equals one exhausted toddler.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

let's run away

We went to Seattle over the weekend to visit family and friends. I stayed off social media sites all weekend (except for a couple quick Instagram uploads, but I refrained from my usual blast).

It was nice to have a weekend where I didn't think about blogging, or facebooking or connecting. We had quality face time with people we don't see enough, including B's great grandparents.

I want to live in an assisted living facility. There's so much to do! The food is excellent! Someone cleans your apartment! And this particular one is located just across the road from a library. The day we were there they had a group in called Wild and Woolies. Bennett got to pet chickens and bunny rabbits. My grandmother really enjoyed the visit. She mentioned the bunnies she had while growing up quite a few times.

My brain is scattered to the hills right now. I forgot the camera, didn't pack enough wipes, left the diaper cream at home, almost ran out of clothes for B. I always make a list and pack very carefully, but this time I didn't feel like doing anything, so I didn't. And of course I really, really, really needed diaper cream. B got a pretty good rash while we were gone. Apparently taking him out of his usual environment means he will get a rash, even though we are careful and only feed him food from home.

It was wonderful to get away for a weekend. Now it's on to the usual Christmas activities, including J's work party. Can you believe I haven't panicked about what to wear yet?? That's how bad things are right now - I haven't even thought about what to wear. I keep meaning to look in the closet, but never get around to it. We need to get a tree too. I can't believe we're 9 days into December and we don't have pine needles all over the house.

B is waving his dinner plate over his head, which means I should take control before he sends it sailing across the room. Hope your weekend was relaxing.

This fifteen month old says hi.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

flour and snow

Yesterday I went to Bob's Red Mill Visitor Center and Store, which is about an hour from here, with my mom. It was so much fun, and we didn't even go on the mill tour. I've had a lot of success using Bob's Red Mill gluten free baking flour. I wanted to visit the store because they had it in bulk at a much cheaper price.

They have so many products in their store. The grocery stores near us carry their products, but only a few. They have specialty flours I've never even heard of. And I just love that the company is employee owned, local and all of the products are made from non-GMO seeds.

Of course we will be going on the mill tour in the near future. Of course I am going to tell everyone I know to buy their products. When I discover something I like I get into it. If it's possible to nerd out over flour I did it last night when I enthusiastically read to J from the catalog.

This morning we headed up to the mountains for a family photo shoot for our holiday card. It was SO cold, and there were some tears, but we got enough shots it was hard picking just one.

We got our shot after lunch in the car. It is SO cute. I can't wait to see it on our holiday card. It was beautiful on the mountain today. As we ate lunch it was slowly warming up (to a whopping 35°). Bennett was fascinated by the snow drifting down from the trees. It was a gorgeous morning.


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