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Monday, September 17, 2012

well checks and "healthy" babies

We're a bit of a mess over here. I am feeling a bit better, but have very little energy. Bennett is reacting to the antibiotics I am on. Sweet boy is just covered in little red bumps and itchy out the wazoo. Unfortunately I am allergic to all 'cillins - i.e. most antibiotics.

His doctor said I could try switching to a different antibiotic, but there's only one other option for me to take and it has a lot of the same ingredients as the one I am on. So. We are to fight through.

I feel like I should keep a running catalog of Bennett's injuries.


Fat lip (pretty much a permanent thing)
Scrape on his forehead
Scrape on his chin
Innumerable bruises

Dear boy.

And at his one year check up this morning I was told that he lost five ounces since his nine month well check. We made it all the way up to the fifth percentile and now we are back in the first. Five ounces isn't much, but he's already so small it is a bit of a concern. His doctor said she thinks he is suffering from "too healthy of a diet."

Well, shoot. Kid is allergic to most everything. He eats constantly, and still nurses a lot, but he is also the busiest blur of baby I've ever seen.

Only he's one now, so I guess he's a busy toddler blur? Please don't tell me I have to stop calling him baby. I just don't think I can.

I went in to the appointment all concerned about his language skills (which are completely fine) because everyone asks if he is saying words and came out fretting about his weight. Parenting is so hard. Being a mama is so hard. The doctor says, "he lost five ounces." I hear "You are failing at the most important job you will ever have. Feed him anything and everything you can get your hands on."

Bennett is sleeping soundly in the car, which is an entirely different problem. Getting him to settle in his crib for a nap is nearly impossible, but he naps in his stroller and the car. Once the weather turns I guess we will be doing a lot of car naps with lots of blankets and books to keep me warm and entertained while he snoozes.

I need to rest. This mastitis is serious business. I am on the mend, but still exhausted. Did you see Bennett's first birthday party pictures? I think we did a pretty great job with his party. 


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