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Yea for rain!

I was overjoyed to wake up to rain falling outside my window this morning. We are finally up to 40 degrees or so outside and the snow is melting. I have spent the past two weeks driving to and from work, worrying about the weather, and trying to stay alive. Christmas is over, the snow is over and I am alive - what more can I ask for? On Christmas Jonathan was working at the hospital. I went down for a horrible lunch (at least it was free) and then took myself to a movie. Thanks to my work bonus I have quite a few movies (with popcorn!) in my future. I rarely go to movies and when I do I usually don't buy anything from the concession stand. I saw Marley and Me and despite the bad reviews I enjoyed it. I cried through the last 10 minutes or so which prevented me from realizing just how sappy and over the top the ending was. But it was good, and to be honest I would watch it again. We have no phone connection and no Internet and probably won't until the 2nd of January. I

Batten down the hatches!

Cold, cold weather is on its way. I'm glad I have Sunday and Monday off - I am hoping I can avoid going outside during the worst of the weather. I hate it when it gets this cold (some news stations are reporting a low of 12 and a high of 20!) but as long as there is no ice I will be fine. I am going to spend my weekend cleaning the house, reading books and wrapping gifts. As long as the power doesn't go out I will be content. Enjoy the cold!

Friday Night

Friday night I learned why I don't try to meet people randomly. The only person who showed up for the group was the person who wanted to start it. She's 21 and after 45 minutes in her company I was more than ready to go home. She didn't seem to understand the difference between an independent bookstore and a chain bookstore and when I asked her what she liked to read her response was ... books. Very enlightening. And she said like every other word, which I cannot stand! At least I tried though and now I can stay at home and do nothing until January or February. I think I'll stick to my other small goal - lose 10 lbs. by June. I can accomplish that, I think, and I can do it alone! I miss college when most everyone was within a 5 block radius. Now we've all moved and there's lots of people I haven't seen since graduation. Thank goodness for Facebook and e-mail, it does make life easier. It's not the same though ... I miss all of you!

So scared!

I think there should be an award for bravery and I think it should go to me. Nice, huh? I love when things work out like that. The other night (Sunday? Monday?) I was sitting around the house reading while my husband was out playing X-Box with his best friend. Around 9:00 I decided I was tired of sitting at home every weekend while he played X-Box so I decided to make some friends in Salem! This is not as hard as one would think. I contemplated going to a bar, but I didn't think I would want to be friends with anyone I may meet at a bar so I decided to do a bit of craigslist searching instead. Scary fact of the day: people really do put up posts on craigslist that say "Will you be my friend?" I avoided those and clicked on a link about a book group in Salem. The group is just starting up, the first get-to-know each other meeting is on Friday, and I am going! I am determined to see this through. I will not wander into the meeting place, and then sit in a corner by