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Going North

I've started planning our trip to Seattle this January and I am getting excited! Last year we went to the mountains in January and we would be doing the same thing this year. However, winter adventure sports + pregnancy = poor outcome. Usually when Jonathan and I go somewhere we rent a pet friendly house, but for this trip to Seattle we are staying in a hotel. For 3 nights! Since I do not like to fly, AT ALL, we tend to vacation close to home. I'm afraid Jonathan will stop speaking to me for months if he has to get on a plane with me. I thought about asking Jonathan if we could do Hawaii or somewhere tropical for our January vacation this year. Then I realized two things. 1. I don't like wearing bathing suits when I'm not pregnant. 2. I don't really like the whole tropical thing. I prefer wool socks, stocking caps and gloves. I like rain, snow and sleet. White sandy beaches are nice, but I don't like to swim and I burn easily. Like I said, we tend to

13 weeks tomorrow!

Tomorrow marks 13 weeks for me and I have to say I'm finally starting to feel pregnant. My stomach popped out a few days ago and I had to cave sooner than I thought I would on the maternity clothes front. Thankfully I was able to find some maternity clothes in petite sizes. I was wearing a pair of pants my sister bought me which were just a tad too big still. Now I can walk around work without tugging on my pants every few seconds! I feel like a good chunk of my brain has gone missing and I'm beginning to think I may never get it back. Before I leave in the morning I have to stop for a second and make sure I have all my clothes on, I have shoes on, not slippers, and I brushed my hair/teeth/put on deodorant. It's amazing to me how easily things slip my mind now. Especially basic hygiene things like putting on deodorant! I have a prenatal appointment on Monday so I have to keep a food diary this week. It's funny to look back and see what I eat every day. I'm

Oh, this blasted H1N1

I've spent the past couple months trying to decide if I should get the H1N1 vaccine or not. A few weeks ago I thought I had my decision made: nope, not going to get it. Then Jonathan came home from work one day and told me it was just too dangerous, I should get it if I could. Here's the problem: I can't get it. If I was seeing an OBGYN for this pregnancy instead of a midwife, I may have a better chance. I can't get it from Marion County Health, even though they received 800 rounds of vaccine this week. Those vaccines were allocated within 45 minutes of receiving them and I got a busy signal every time I tried to call for an appointment. My mother is certain I am going to get deathly ill if I don't get the vaccine. My father-in-law told me the vaccine is only 35% effective. Is it better to be slightly protected than not at all? With Jonathan working in a hospital, and seeing patients with H1N1, it's likely he will bring it home. We are still waiting fo