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"every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end"

Our sweet Hazel house goes on the market tomorrow. I am alternating between - YAY! - and - WAIT!. The house looks really good, and I am proud of all of us for hanging on through the last couple months. I can't believe J - who works FULL time - knocked out a kitchen remodel in three months. Not to mention all of the other projects we tackled. These last three months we've learned something really important: do projects immediately! Don't wait until you're getting ready to move out! Even though we are ready to move it is hard to leave. A few days ago I walked down to the Capitol with the kids. I love being able to meander downtown from our house. I will miss my long walks with the kids. Where we are looking to move is further out from the city. More housing developments. Fewer walking opportunities. This evening we went to a nearby restaurant and ran into neighbors. We know a lot of people on our block, and they know us and our kids. We've found a place here, a

I just don't have time

For you Or me  Or friends  Or anything beyond THE HOUSE I am so over this process and we are nowhere near the end of it! We want this house to be in great shape for the next owners, so we (and our families!) are putting a lot of time and effort into making it nice. For example: J built new garage doors with his dad on Sunday because the old ones weren't built with pressure treated wood and were rotting from the ground up. Could we have left them? Sure. But who wants to move into a house with rotting garage doors? So there's big projects and little projects and in between all of that there is  illness (so. much. illness) church music class trying to find a new house preschool registration (oh my heart, really?) sleep deprivation (our kids just cannot get the sleep thing down) etc. etc. etc. I have not seen my best girls in ages and I'm just about going to die from the missing. I need a pedicure, and a movie night, and at least three consecuti