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setting records

This is the longest I've been away from here. One whole month! At least I think this is the longest. Our house is under contract (yay, but still stressful!) so we've been looking to buy. I'm beginning to wonder if our real estate agent may fire us for being picky, and dragging him out to look at houses every other evening at dinner time. We're tired. The kids are tired. At this point a tent seems like it might be fine (kidding). And we're two and a half weeks away from Charlotte's birthday so it's all the emotions all at once here. We've been eating terribly and reading too many books. It's not the ideal way to handle stress, but at least the kids see a healthy option alongside a very unhealthy one. Ainsleigh is a FORCE. Oh my lands, we are in over our heads with that one. She's on the table, and climbing the walls, and stuffing towels down the sink drain, and doing her best to age me ten years in twelve months. She is wearing her hearin