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stress & grace

We're roughly one month into an absolute nightmare with our main vehicle. We're on our second mechanic, and I've just about lost my mind from the stress of it all. I am attempting to keep our lives going. I'm finding rides to preschool for B, and borrowing cars, and sending J grocery shopping, and figuring out how to entertain the kids at home since getting anywhere on foot from here isn't easy. As we've been dealing with this series of mechanical issues we've also been presented with an interesting opportunity: how do we respond? How do we tell an automotive shop we need a refund and we will be taking our business elsewhere, and still represent our faith? I can tell you how I want  to respond to the automotive shop: a LOT of yelling. Maybe some throwing. A chair kick or two to really make my point. I can tell you how I have  responded to my people, the ones who have to put up with me day in and day out: not well. The last few weeks have been hard