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sweet ainsleigh // hearing aid update // two years in

It's hard to believe we're almost two years into this journey. Ainsleigh was fit for her first hearing aid on May 12th, 2014. I looked back at old posts and couldn't believe the difference. Ainsleigh has hair now! I don't have to put a hat on her so she'll leave her hearing aid alone.  She doesn't cry for appointments anymore!  In fact, the audiologist said she does better than some kindergartners on her testing. And she goes into "the booth" every six months to have her hearing tested. "The booth" is exactly what it sounds like. A small booth that Ainsleigh's speech therapist and I sit in with Ainsleigh while the audiologist sits at a control panel outside. There are various tests performed in the booth, but today Ainsleigh was having sounds played into her ears at various decibels to test if the hearing in her good ear has changed. (Thankfully it is still testing just as it was at birth.) They also play some sounds int

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This might be my favorite time of day. The kids are running around outside. The bread I baked today is cooling on the counter. There is a chicken slowly roasting in the oven for dinner. Tea is steeping so I can make iced tea for dinner. The kids have napped - or had rest time - and then we cuddled and read books for a while as they woke up. This is my time to read for a few minutes. Or try to figure out what fixtures to select for the bathroom. Or which room to paint first. It would be an ideal time to clean up a little bit, but the house isn't too wrecked today, and the laundry is all caught up, so I'm writing instead. Most days I do something other than cleaning. A book always wins in this house. If the kids or I want a story it comes before (almost) everything else. Music class resumed this morning. We're on our fifth ten week session. The kids love it, and we are now close enough to walk, so we're sticking with it for now, even though we've considered our l