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year seven

I have a huge bruise on my right hip from zip lining with friends on Monday. Can you believe I went zip lining? 6 days before Charlotte's birthday!  With an anxiety disorder in my pocket (it's always there. I can't take it out, but I'm trying to make it less comfortable). Because flipping out on a platform halfway up a very tall tree with no way down aside from a zip line sounds like fun! Typically May is for hibernating, but that  didn't make me feel better in years one through six so I thought I should try pulling myself together and living in May instead of suffering through May. This year Charlotte's birthday falls on Mother's Day, which is making my head spin in ways I didn't know were possible (I think it's so overwhelming a thought I've mostly shut down and decided to ignore it) so when an opportunity to get away with my best girls came up I decided to go for it, anxiety disorder and all. In utter defiance of the panic attac