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35 weeks

Okay, we're not quite at 35 weeks, but on Tuesday I will be so I'm claiming it now. I haven't written very much about this pregnancy because life is waaaay busier now than it was when I was pregnant with B and Ains. I'm in the middle of the last month slog: twice weekly non-stress tests, iron infusions, chiropractor appointments, therapist appointments, baby preparations. I've had some mild contractions, and one quick trip to L & D for anxiety soothing, which is enough to make me want to have everything ready by 37 weeks. Which is 2 weeks from now. The house is in complete chaos as Jon is refinishing the floors in the baby's room. All of the baby stuff is in our room and it feels like we're on the brink of a Hoarders episode. I just need everything settled and in its proper place so I can feel like I have a tiny bit of control over things. This pregnancy has been so interesting as I navigate the (frankly) unfriendly waters of traditional OB care