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answered prayers and a child's worry

Harper has her first cold. That's what happens when you have older siblings! She's been congested and coughing on and off, but fever free and still doing all the necessary newborn things. This morning I was snuggling with all of the kids in bed when Harper began coughing. B looked at me with worry in his eyes and asked, "Will she die from a cold?" "Oh honey, no! Absolutely not." I said. "She's fine, she just has a little cold." When Harper was born I realized how  much mental health work I've done since last January.. I did not expect to see that work bear fruit during a very traumatic experience, but it did. Hard work with a counselor plus a whole lot of prayer and a deep knowledge that God was present in the hospital room where Harper was born, resulted in a calm birth where I was able to maintain focus and a feeling of peace. Here is a short list of prayers that were answered before or during Harper's birth: - The week bef

harper finley

Harper was born March 1st at 7:46 pm. Her birth was by far my easiest; God answered so many prayers and was very present during my labor and delivery. Harper was 7 lbs 5 oz, right in the middle of B and Ainsleigh's weight. She is beautiful and healthy. We are so in love!!