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bad attitudes and sibling squabbles

It's 9:45 on Friday morning and the house is QUIET. Harper is napping, the others are out of the house ... I'm basically alone! One of the biggest homeschooling challenges for me is the constant presence of people. Quiet time to myself is rare, but being an introvert I crave space and quiet. I was going to sit and read, but I'm having a terrible time finding a book with content I feel comfortable reading. New fiction is often chock full of things I don't want in my brain. I read a lot of non-fiction, but I can't read just non-fiction because that wears my brain out. I need to start on my get out and walk goal today. The weather has been so horrible - we have pockets of flooding around town because the skies have been weeping endlessly - but being from here I was born to walk in the rain and not mind. That's the general mindset at least. I'm more of a whiner. And I hate feeling the slightest bit uncomfortable. The weather is wearing on everyone. The

5 things I want to do

A friend snapped a photo of me talking to Harper during swim lessons today. She sent it to me with an uplifting message about how I'm a great mom. I was like, that's so sweet! But I don't love my hair and profile shots are the worst and I hope no one sees it ... And then I shared it on Instagram. Because if people look at me and see how much I love my children that's a good great thing. I read through Girl, Stop Apologizing (which was so-so) recently and Rachel Hollis talks a lot about goals. When I thought about what I really want to accomplish personally I kept coming back to: spend more time on myself. As I've thought about that more over the last few weeks I've realized there are concrete things I can and want to do for myself. 1. Get my hair cut every 6 weeks. Why do I wait 6 months to get my hair cut? I love having it done! 2. Take care of my skin. I'm in my 30s. I need to find a good skin care regime that's non-toxic a