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ten years


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your sister

Oh, I'm done in. My heart was focused on the 13th and the 15th and now that those days have passed I want to sit on the couch and grieve a while. B is testing my patience like it's his job. I guess maybe it is ... ?? He deliberately gets into things he knows are off limits (he makes sure I am watching him as he gets into them) and when I redirect his attention he only becomes more determined. This evening J was off work late. B was playing in the living room while I pulled dinner from the oven. When I heard a crash I ran, knowing he had knocked over another lamp. I snapped at him because I was scared and frustrated and tired. He laughed. Seriously, he laughed. Mama used her angry voice and still he laughed.  Poor J walked in the door to B strapped in his booster seat and me furiously sweeping and trying not to cry. We're on day six or seven of teething plus a cold. B has a terrible chest cough and is not napping or sleeping well. Feeling ill doesn't slow him d

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My heart is full. A little sad too. I didn't have a chance to take pictures with my camera actual so these are all from my phone. If you're on my instagram I apologize for the repeats. We did manage to capture video from today. Once I have the audio J will match everything up and then I'll post it. And if anyone sends me pictures I'll post some of those as well. I'm just glad I made it through without crying or passing out. There were a lot of people there (I'll share a number if I hear one) and public speaking is tough for me. It was nice to have a row of family and friends in the back. Thanks for showing up for my girl. Beautiful sad day. It's always good to speak her name.

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After receiving a few e-mails asking about resources for those who have lost babies I decided to create a resource page.  I'll post here and then make a permanent page over on the right there.  I do not like the reason behind the e-mails, but I LOVE being asked.  Those who ask always apologize for asking, or bothering me.  It is never, ever a bother.  I am glad to help in any way I can, but this way people don't have to ask if it makes them uncomfortable, and when I do get the e-mails I have a response ready to go. All of the websites I've listed have excellent resource pages, but most can't remember the names of the websites, or how to find helpful websites.  If you search for "dead baby" the first few sites that come up are for dead baby jokes. That's not very helpful, or funny. I felt alone and very much like a one-woman freak show when Charlotte died. Finding websites, connecting with other mamas and realizing I wasn't the only lost one made th